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Children's Corner


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bobby-chuchu.jpg (30907 bytes)

Madhu, Chuchu, 
Bobby, Naseem

3M-imras-robe-competition-peacock.jpg (21549 bytes)

Peacock imitating my grandson.

 4M-amshad-dance.jpg (23995 bytes)

Another grandson teaching Abinayam






3M-nrs-youuu.jpg (19839 bytes)


Take it easy, young man!. I am not compromising your modesty or exposing your undercarriage. I have already thrown a fig leaf to cover your precious little possession.

3M-nouras-confirming.jpg (17309 bytes)

Just checking everything is in its place.

3M-nouras-con-satisfied.jpg (13541 bytes)

Yes, everything is in order and am raring to go.

Now, some 10 years later, my grandson is my computer consultant! Times change.

A nice cool lake.






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