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Florence and its surrounding areas in Italy are known as Tuscany. One day a Tuscan farmer heard that they were selling doctorates in Florence. He was an egocentric man and felt that a doctorate would enhance his prestige and satisfy his ego. 

He rode his favourite horse to Florence and bought himself a doctorate. On the way home, he found that his usually cheerful horse was cheerless. He loved his horse so much that he could not bear to see him in that disposition. Therefore, he decided to buy a doctorate for his horse as well to cheer him up. 

He rode back to the 'institution' and told the salesman to sell a doctorate to his horse. The salesman became angry. He shot back and told the farmer that he would not sell doctorates to horses; only to asses. 

Disappointed, the farmer, I beg your pardon, the Doctor and his horse were returning home. But, to his surprise, the horse was very cheerful all the way back home. 

The Doctor did not understand his horse's sense of humour. 

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