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Humour in Pictures 
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choli-ke-peeche.jpg (69470 bytes)

Choli ke piche ...

snail race.jpg (23718 bytes)

Snail race

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Mouse and Jaya

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Bulls and Balls

An American tourist walked into a traditional restaurant in Spain. He didn't understand the menu as it was written in Spanish. He looked around and noticed a delicious looking dish on the next table. It was two large bull's balls topped with a very nice looking sauce. When the waiter came, he told him: "I want the same dish as that man". 

"I am sorry, Senor. That is a very special dish. You have to order it a day in advance," replied the waiter. The tourist ordered it and promised that he would come back the next day. The following day, he returned to the restaurant and found that that the dish in front of him had two much smaller balls. "Waiter, how come these balls are so small? The dish I saw yesterday had two large balls".

"I am sorry, Senor. But sometimes the bull wins," said the waiter.

cows-new delhi road.jpg (32435 bytes)

Animal rights

dresses made of fruits and vegetables.jpg (50541 bytes)

Vegetable dress

allahabad-kumbh-elephant collecting coins.jpg (33563 bytes)

Coin collection

jayalalitha being cleansed.jpg (34869 bytes)

Being cleansed

 Ant and Elephant 

An ant and an elephant were good friends. Unfortunately, one day the elephant met with a serious accident. The injury was so severe that the elephant lost much blood and was dying. The ant was very sad. He was determined to save his friend.  Eventually an idea flashed. The ant whispered the idea to the elephant's ear. On a sudden, the elephant started laughing uncontrollably, and died. What happened? 

The good ant had whispered: " Do not worry my friend. I'll give you my blood and save you". 



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