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mecca-kabah-evening.jpg (33689 bytes) 

A night view  

mecca-ka'aba-grand mosque-100 years.jpg (63205 bytes)


100 years ago

mecca-ka'aba 1941 deluge.jpg (37389 bytes)

Flood 1941

satan-symbol-round.jpg (77375 bytes)

At Mina - Satan Symbol



Mina-indians-male-female side-by-side.jpg (27837 bytes)

Mina - Indians

mecca-sa'y-safa hill.jpg (40783 bytes)


medina-Prophet's Mosque with his mihrab.jpg (32491 bytes)

Medina - Prophet's Mosque

medina-prophet's tomb-closeup.jpg (63023 bytes)

Medina - Prophet's tomb

kaaba-tawaf-circumambulation.jpg (87279 bytes) The Great Mosque in Mecca. Masjid-al-Haram. Has more than 45 gates: Gate of Salvation, Gate of the Sons of the Old Woman, Safa Gate, Gate of Peace etc. Has about seven 90-metre tall minarets. The courtyard is about 160,000 sq. metres surrounded by a two storey, arched colonnade or gallery. 

About 300,000 people can pray in the mosque simultaneously. The Ka'aba is located in the center of the courtyard. The Zamzem spring-well, the Safa and Marwa hills are also located within the precincts of the mosque. Flooring is of marble throughout. 

The picture shows pilgrims are in the act of circumambulation around Ka'aba. Both the lower and the upper floors are used for this sevenfold, counterclockwise Tawaf. It finishes at the point of the Black Stone - Hajar-al-aswad.

mecca-kaaba.jpg (48041 bytes)

The Ka'aba. Majestically standing cube-like building. Built with grey basalt stone blocks. Not plastered. 50 feet long, 33 feet wide and 45 feet high. Nothing inside. Dimly lit by gold and silver lamps. 

The walls are not usually in view. Always covered with gold-embroidered black cloth (Kiswah). The Kiswah is made anew each year. The present building was constructed slightly off the place where the previous one stood. A semi-circular free-standing wall marks the previous perimeter. This picture indicates the perimeter at the far left corner of the Ka'aba. The Hajr-al-aswad (the Black Stone) is embedded in the eastern corner of the Ka'aba. The corner is on the right in the picture and is not in view. I shall try to show it later in another picture. The prayer at this spot is extremely rewarding.  

Feelings of pilgrims: Some chant. Some weep. Some are dumb in contemplation. Some are ecstatically indifferent to others and other activities. Some are dazed on seeing the Ka'aba. Some tremble. Some shudder. Some sob. Some are in deep feelings, in sweet tranquility and in ecstatic devotion.  

I was very familiar with the Ka'aba. I had studied it. I had studied its background. I had seen a thousand pictures. And yet, the instant that I first viewed it standing in front, I felt all the feelings mentioned above and shed tears in silence. I could also see my wife in tears. It was an indescribable experience. 



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