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Visitors' Lounge Two

28 April 2000
Visitor: Mohd. Rafeek
Homepage 1:
Homepage 2:
Residence: Kelantan, Malaysia

Visitor’s comments: Excellent effort. Good Design. Great photographs ... rare ones … especially those taken in the 60s… those of our Panaikulam village were superb especially the beach. It has been more than 20 years since I was in Panaikulam. I am also from Panaikulam. We are related to each other.

Ameer’s rejoinder: Thank you, Rafeek, for your comments. They reflect your sentiments. Of course, we are related to each other. Dr. Mohamed Rafeek is a medical doctor. He obtained his medical degree with distinction. Unlike most medical professionals who flock to cities, Rafeek chose to serve the poorer section of humanity in the rural areas.

He is also serving the community in other ways. His excellent Homepage 1 promotes tourism in the country. His Homepage 2 gives medical advice on various health topics. I urge visitors to my homepage to visit Rafeek’s homepages to appreciate his services more fully. Keep up your good work, Dr. Rafeek.

11 May 2000
Visitor: Ameer Ali
Residence: Singapore

Visitor’s comments: Very nice and interesting. Looks professional.

Ameer's rejoinder: Thank you, Ameer, for your compliments. The visitor, whose name is similar to mine, hails from Koothanallur. He has roots in Malaysia and resides in Singapore. His hobbies are many from Karate to Photography.

  4 June 2000

Visitor: Syed Ibrahim 
Residence: Malaysia

Comments: Uncle Ameer, your home page is really wonderful. I am really proud of you. Good luck. Syed Ibrahim of Panaikulam.

 Ameer's rejoinder: Thank you my dear nephew, Syed Ibrahim, for your compliments. I would be happier if you could identify yourself more fully. Which items do you find wonderful and which items not so wonderful? Do you like the animated pictures? I'd love to have dispraise as much as praise.

  5 June 2000

Visitor: Naseer Hassan   
Residence: Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

Comments: Really fantastic with fun. You might have seen the websites of other Panaikulam people. The achievements of our Panaikulam people are overwhelming in many fields including information technology, transport, banking, medicine, pharmacy, law, education, business, construction, accountancy, science etc. Every one realises the importance of education. They spare no efforts in learning many subjects. I hope we could see a genius like A.P.J. Abdul Kalam coming from our village. Keep in touch. Naseer. Ramanathapuram.

Ameer's rejoinder: Naseer is no doubt a proud Panaikulaman. Yes, you are right, Naseer, the young people of Panaikulam like you are indeed excelling themselves in many fields. May Allah the Benevolent grant your wish to see a genius like APJ Kalam, the Father of Indian Rocketry, coming from Panaikulam. Nothing is impossible. 

Naseer Hassan is a professional computer specialist. He is located in Ramanathapuram and has successfully completed a number of highly complicated projects. He is a valuable source of  information on local statistics. Very helpful. Thank you Naseer. 

Date:         23 December 2000

Visitor: Syed Abdul Qader 
Residence:  Penang, Malaysia

Comments: A wonderful personal website....great effort...hope to see more of your photos .... good job and please keep it up. 

Ameer's rejoinder: The visitor is from Cheena Moona family of Panaikulam. Thank you Qader. I am grateful for the trouble you took to send me your complements. I shall try to publish more photos. I have removed old ones and added new ones. I hope you like them. If you do not like any of them, please let me know. I shall remove it. Do you play Ping-Pong? Which side? Red or Blue? 

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